JuiceJet by QuantumHydro Dynamics: Exclusively crafted in Australia by QuantumHydro Dynamics with the help of Bin Juicer Bin Cleaning, the JuiceJet is a testament to our many years of hands-on field cleaning experience. We don't just design machines – we clean bins, and this practical knowledge has deeply informed the innovative design and functionality of the JuiceJet. Engineered to seamlessly handle 240L and 360L bins, with adaptability for the larger 660L and 1100L bins, the JuiceJet stands out in the realm of bin cleaning. A distinctive feature is its design where bins face the rear, letting technicians stand safely behind the vehicle with the lance, ensuring meticulous cleaning. This practical orientation promises top-tier results and maximizes safety.

When benchmarked against alternatives, like the Bolondi spinning head truck-mounted machines, JuiceJet offers comparable cleaning times at significantly lower maintenance costs, delivering an unmatched ROI. With a swift 10-second hydraulic tipping/rotating cycle, a 400L wastewater tank, a 700L freshwater tank, and a durable powder coating, JuiceJet is QuantumHydro Dynamics  embodiment of quality, innovation, and exceptional industry value.

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Powder coated aluminium steel wastewater and freshwater tanks
Compatible with standard household AU, USA, UK and CA Bins
Designed in Australia by QuantumHydro Dynamics
Pressure relief valves fitted for safety.
Weatherproof pendant.
Heavy duty 12V over hydraulic-double acting.
Lifts then rotates 2 bins 180 degrees hydraulically.
Bolts to the back of most utes/trucks.
Lifts 240L, 360L with an optional 600L, 1100L unit available.

A sparkling clean, fresh smelling bin is just one juicing away.