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We can tailor a package to suit your individual business’s needs, depending on the size of your bins and regularity of cleaning. We deliver meticulous bin cleaning, strategic placement, and electrostatic deodorisation across various sectors, from retail hubs to culinary enterprises.

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The Bin Juicer Commercial Cleaning Experience

Our bin cleansing services encompass Retirement Villages, Educational Institutions, Academic Centers, Medical Facilities, Residential Units, Living Complexes, Military Encampments, and Instructional Sites.

1. Bin Emptying:

Bins are emptied by your local council or assigned contractor.

2. Impeccable Bin Cleansing:

Our Bin Juicer Cleaner returns to meticulously cleanse your bins, leaving them impeccably clean.

3. Strategic Bin Placement:

The Bin Juicer Cleaner then ensures the bins are positioned in their assigned locations.

4. Freshness with Electrostatic Deodorisation:

As an additional benefit, we utilise electrostatic deodorisation to control odours, leaving your bins smelling fresh.

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tailored for commercial clients

We're here for all your commercial bin cleaning needs.

Tailored for our commercial clients, Bin Juicer Bin Cleaning provides a range of cleaning frequencies, including weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and quarterly services.

Opting for more frequent cleans and additional bins not only guarantees a spotless environment but also represents a cost-effective solution for your business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance the cleanliness of your commercial space—reach out to Bin Juicer today for all your commercial bin cleaning service needs.

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Bin sizes we service

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General waste bins
240L general waste bin
General waste bins
660L General waste bin
General waste bins
1100L General waste bin
General waste bins
1.5m² General waste bin
General waste bins
3m² General waste bin
General waste bins
4.5m² General waste bin

The Bin Juicer Difference

Electrostatic Deodoriser

At Bin Juicer Bin Cleaning, we believe in providing a service that goes above and beyond traditional bin cleaning. Our secret? The innovative Electrostatic Deodoriser Gun.

Electrostatic deodorising is a cutting-edge approach that uses the principles of electrostatics to apply deodorising agents. When our deodoriser is sprayed, it's atomised and given an electric charge by our specialised gun. This means the deodorising droplets become 'charged' and actively seek out and wrap around every surface of the bin.

Bin juicer team

our team

Bin Juicer is a premier provider of commercial bin cleaning in Brisbane.

As one of the city's rapidly growing organisations specialising in large-scale waste bin cleaning, our friendly staff brings over 20 years of combined experience to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Our team of professional bin cleaners excels in efficiently servicing multiple bins at the same location, accommodating various commercial spaces such as offices, factories, shopping centres, and apartment complexes. Geographical constraints are not a hindrance, and our flexible scheduling allows us to coordinate cleans that align seamlessly with your business operations, be it immediately after rubbish collection or at other convenient times.

A sparkling clean, fresh smelling bin is just one juicing away.